Antique Beams

Small Scale Hand Hewn Beams

Ten 4"x5" and 4" x 6" and 4" x 8" beam 13 and 15 foot lengths Sold as one lot only.



19th Century Barn Hayloft Ladder

This ladder was originally attached to a center post of the main frame of a Barn here in New England. Nice original decorative addition to many country styled applications. Post is 3" x 4" x 86"L and the five rungs are removable, mortised and are 16" long.

Set $95.00


Dimensional Salvaged Stud/Beam Stock

3" x 4" : 16 pcs measure 15' length $2.50/LFT
45 pcs measure 7' to 9' length (mostly 9's) $2.50/LFT
4" x 8": 6 pcs at 15' length $5.00/LFT



Vintage Porch Post Set of Five

Vintage Porch Post Set of Five 4-3/4" X 4-3/4" X 90-1/2"L



Vintage Porch Post Set of Six

Vintage Porch Post Set of Six 4-1/2" X 4-1/2" X 89"L $250/set



Early 20th century Yellow Pine Timbers

Three matching Mill complex beams measure 9-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 20'-0"L Perfectly straight and in very sound/solid condition. Minor checking. $300.00 Each or all three for $750.00

$300.00 Each or all three for $750.00

18th Century Hand Hewn Oak Rafter Set

Set of 24 slightly tapered from 4"x5" at base to 4" x 4" at tip 18'-1" overall length to rafter base tip or 17'-6" to heal/seat cut



18th Century Summer Beamed Room-18'-0"L  x  16'-1"W
Hand hewn and up and down sawn room framing to include four corner posts, corner braces,
perimeter girts, summer beam with matching floor joists. Hard pine species---Very clean.


Vintage Ogee Edge Decorated Ceiling Joists
Calais, Maine origin circa 1860
Hard Pine ceiling joist set measure 4"W  x  7"H
Seven pieces are 17' length, one is 11' length and one is 4'-6" length

Vintage Chamfered Ceiling Joists or Rafters
Circa 1860 Northern Maine origin, Black Spruce species. Straight, solid ideal for decorative joist or rafter application
3" x 6" x 14'6"L      Twelve (12) piece set

Antique Hand Hewn Beams
4" x 11" x 16' length of Black Spruce (Northern Maine)
These were never nailed or mortised as they were simply laid across barn framing to create a loft floor.
Fifteen (15) pieces currently available.
$12/LFT for select or $10/LFT for entire lot.


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