Antique Buildings

Olde New England Salvage Co. can dismantle an antique building and save it for reconstruction at another site. We also buy and sell antique houses, barns & outbuildings.

Dismantling & Reconstruction Services

Here are some examples of antique buildings being dismantled and reconstructed.

19th Century Barn Cupola- FULLY RESTORED
From Danby, Vermont circa 1860
Body Measures:  8'-3"  X  8'-3"
Overall Height (Without Mast): 10'-4"
Eave Extensions: 12"  w/Original Crown Mouldings

The Pastor's Library of the First Congregational Church of Lebanon was built in 1854. The building was a gift donated by Governor Buckingham (of Lebanon) to the church during his tenure as our Civil War Governor.

More details about the Buckingham Library

For the Woodstock Silo Relocation Project, Olde New England Salvage Co. moved a Undadila wooden silo approximately 4.5 miles to a new location at the Woodstock Fairgrounds.

More details on the Woodstock Silo Relocation

The circa 1820 John Bishop Museum House needed a new roof. Olde New England Salvage Co. did the job.

More details on the John Bishop Museum House

Antique Buildings Bought & Sold

Olde New England Salvage Co. purchases antique buildings and sells antique buildings.

Vintage Cupola SOLD
Measures 25"  x  25" 
Main Body 32" Tall
Overall Height (w/roof) 52"
Very Good Condition



This Connecticut Valley Saltbox is in excellent repair. It is slated for dismantling in the Spring of 2012. Olde New England Salvage Co. will take this reconstruction to whatever level of refinement that you may wish.

More details on Connecticut Valley Saltbox


This c. 1830 Barn is in a remarkable state of preservation, having been built on top of 20” + wide foundation stones in an embankment setting. This building is currently standing and available to be viewed. Dismantling is scheduled for March 2012. All foundation stones and a 36” x 12’ entry ramp stone are included.

More details on c. 1830 Barn

This Nineteenth Century Shop Building, Circa 1850, is a 14'-0" x 16'-6" post & beam building frame in very good-excellent condition. Currently attached to a late 18th century saltbox dwelling house, this building is built to be free-standing. It is offered as part of that house package but we will consider separating it.

More details on c. 1850 Shop Building

18th Century Summer Beamed Room-18'-0"L  x  16'-1"W

Hand hewn and up and down sawn room framing to include four corner posts, corner braces,
perimeter girts, summer beam with matching floor joists. Hard pine species---Very clean.


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