Antique Flooring/Antique Board Stock

Circa 1795 Attic Wide Pine Flooring

11”-17” widths (mostly 13”-14”) 
10’-13’ lengths in original, unpainted surface 450+SFT 


Circa 1750 Wide Pine Flooring

9”- 20” Wide, average width is 14” 
All boards are 11’-6” Length (22 pieces) 
Light poly finish (Foot worn) 280 SFT 


Circa 1830 Oak Flooring

Circa 1830 Oak Flooring Mostly 13’-6” Length (2/3 of batch) and 6’-7’ Length (1/3 batch) Widths average 6”-8” and some 10” No over nailing and never sanded 345 SFT


Circa 1780 Pine Flooring

New Hampshire salt box origin, nice clean light poly finish over original surface. 850 total square foot batch- sold as one lot only. 8"-15" widths, some 16' lengths but most are in the 10'-14' lengths.


18th and Early 19th Century Wide Board Lumber Stock

Approx 40 boards measuring 10"- 14" widths x 13'-15' lengths Early up and down sawn with great chocolate brown coloration




Antique Sawn Chestnut Plank

10+ feet long x generally 17" Wide x 2" thick Ideal bench or counter top




Antique Hard Pine Flooring

Widths range from 7-12" mostly in the 9" width range Some of the batch has light paint Lengths 16', 13'-6", 8'-6" and 7' groups




Circa 1830 Northern Hard Pine Flooring

Small batch originally in a buttery. Fourteen boards all 8'-6"L x 11'-6" W total Old shellac stain reveals the rich grain

97 SFT $675.00/Lot


Colonial Revival Pine Flooring Lot

Circa 1960 Massachusetts. All boards are 11-1/4" width x 3/4" thick, square edged Seven boards measure 13'-6" L One measures 12'-3"L and the rest are 6'-10"L

135 SFT Lot $800.00


Antique Lumber

Five selected table top quality boards a full 1-1/8" thick Widths are 12.75,12.75, 11, 12, 11" X 10' L= 50 SFT




Black Spruce Wideboard Flooring

Assembled batch of antique flooring from Canada. 75SFT of 16' L, 35SFT OF 13'-6"L and the balance are 7' and 8' L boards all ranging in width 8-12" but mostly 8" and 9" for a total of 260 SF.




18th Century Wide Board Wall/ Roof Sheathing

This lot of 18'-6" Length x 15"-19" wide boards has been cleaned of nails one side only. This lot will cover 1200 square feet with tight application and up to 1400 square feet as skip-sheathing.



18th Century Wide Board Attic Flooring

New Hampshire origin most 14"-19" width, full 1 inch thick. Lengths 12' - 16' , 24 boards in this lot Nice dry origin surface with moderate foot wear. Low nail permeation, no paint ever. 450 square feet.



Circa 1840 Hard Pine Flooring

340 square feet measuring 9"-13" widths. Majority of the lot is unpainted and 12' and 14' lengths



Early 19th Century Pine Flooring

Second floor and attic lot 240SFT Total
12'-3" Length x Group Widths: 14, 19, 15, 12, 9, 13, 11, 12, 12, 10, 11,12,10,12,10"
15'-0" Length x Widths: 17",16",15"



Circa 1860 Pine Flooring

Unpainted,nice color, tongue and groove 8"-11" widths and 8'- 19' length Sold as one lot only, 800 SFT


Antique Hard Pine Flooring/ Board Lot

Four matching full 1” thickness boards ideal for table top or floor repair Widths: 13.5”, 16.5”, 14.5” and 17” X 14’-4” Length, One has a “dutchman” 71 SFT



Wide Pine Flooring,Ceiling And Wall Board Lot

960 SFT of 13” - 20” wide pine, up and down sawn About half of the lot is 14’-4” and the rest is 12’ length and 8’-4” length Unpainted or very light paint surface. Photos show wall/ceiling boards stood up. Many of the boards have beaded profile edges. Nice full thickness.



Circa 1830 Premium Length Pine Sub-Floor

Twenty boards all 17’-5” length x 9”-12” wide. These are rough,having been right off of the up and down sawmill. They are approx. 7/8” thick and can be hand-planed for a finished look or used in an exposed ceiling application. Unpainted/Very Clean. 290 SFT Sold as single batch only.


Circa 1830 Wide Pine Flooring-Premium Length

540 SFT lot of recently extracted wide pine flooring. New Hampshire origin. 10”-17” widths with light paint. Nice and flat.Majority of the boards are 16’ length (485 SFT) and the remainder is 7-10 foot length.



Early Oak Wall Sheathing just removed from a circa 1703 Waterford,Connecticut upstairs chamber. Seven board lot with square edge, light nail permeation.
72" tall X 8'-2" run--end board scribed to fit against corner beam (see photos).




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