Antique Fireplace Mantels

The heart of a vintage home is the hearth and fireplace. What surrounds that area is not only a statement of period but an expression of style and refinement at one end of the spectrum and of simple utility at the other. We try to cater to those needs. Mantles were custom built around the firebox, so they were very specific to each opening. To retro-fit a mantle into a restoration or an adaptive re-use scenario is a challenge to which we have risen on numerous occasions.

Take a look at our inventory----we have included pertinent measurements. We also stock period mouldings and vintage lumber to custom build if an original is not readily available.

Circa 1820 Pine Mantle

Acquired in 1999 in Lebanon, Connecticut from a major remodeling project. Nice solid condition.
Overall Width: 69”
Overall Height: 53-1/2”


Circa 1820 Pine Mantle

Acquired in 1999 from a major remodeling project. Nice solid condition.
Overall width: 63”
Overall height: 51-1/2”


Circa 1900 High Style Federal Mantle

New York State origin. Pine and poplar construction. All components are carved wooden, not plaster as is often found.
Overall height 51”
Overall width 61”


Circa 1810 Federal Mantle

Glastonbury, Connecticut origin. Pleasing form. Minor moulding repair required- see photos.
Overall height 54”
Overall width 66-3/4”


Circa 1880 Pine Mantle

Glastonbury, Connecticut
Overall width 72”
Overall height 54”


Circa 1875-1900 English Oak Mantle

High styling is the hallmark of this unique Victorian styled mantle which features five Minton China Works porcelain tiles in the Sir Walter Scott motif. Overall width 59” Overall height 68-1/2” Leg width 5-3/4” Firebox 31-1/2” H x 48”W Mantle depth 11”


Classic Greek Revival Mantle

Reproduction in very good condition Overall width 75-1/2” Overall height 51” Leg width 9” Body width 67-1/2” Firebox opening 36”H x 50”W Mantle shelf width 6”


Greek Revival Architectural Mantle

Incredible craftsmanship is the hallmark of this piece reproduced circa 1920. Pittsfield, Massachusetts origin. Generous size and proportions. No damage. Overall height:57” Overall width: 91”


Classic Colonial Double Fluted Column Mantel

Large scale, Circa 1895, Wellesley, Massachusetts Excellent condition. Tulip/poplar wood. Overall width 86-1/2” Body width 79” Legs 12-1/2” Mantel Depth 12-1/2” Overall height 58” Firebox opening 40”H x 54” W


18th Century Massachusetts Pine Mantle

Circa 1780 from Upton, Massachusetts second floor bedroom chamber.  Measures: Overall height 31”, overall width 48-1/2” , Legs 10”, Firebox opening 21”H x 29”W


18th Century Massachusetts Pine Mantle (UPT-1)

Circa 1780 from Upton, Massachusetts second floor bedroom chamber. Overall height 35-1/2” Overall width 59” Firebox opening 23”H x 33” W Mantle depth 4-3/4” Legs 9-1/2” Body width 52”


Circa 1840 Greek Revival Mantle

East Windsor, Connecticut origin Late marbleized finish applied about 1960, Pine wood Overall height 56” Overall Width 68-1/2” Firebox 41”W x 37”H Leg width 9” Mantle Depth 7-1/2” Body width 59”


Circa 1900 Victorian Mantle

Overall height 48" Body width 56-1/2" Mantle depth 10" Overall width 59" Legs 6-1/2" Firebox 40-1/2"W x 39"H



Federal Revival Mantel- Circa 1940

From the Harvard Club Commonwealth Avenue Boston, Mass. One of TWO Matching, both made of poplar - Will sell separately- One requires minor repair Overall width 84-1/2" Overall height 59-1/2" Body width 77-1/2" Mantle depth 7-1/2" Firebox opening 42"H x 55"W

$650.00 for choice mantel
$500.00 for the one needing repair as indicated

Circa 1860 Pine Mantle-Connecticut

Overall height: 55"
Overall Width (Body): 53" Mantle shelf: 7.5" X 63" Firebox opening: 38-1/4" W x 39"H
Legs: 7.5" w each side
Up and down sawn lumber-see mantle reverse side


Circa 1790 Kitchen or Large Parlor Mantle (RI-2)

Overall height 62-1/2"
Overall width (body) 89-1/2"
Overall width (same) 89-1/2"


Circa 1790 Early Form Greek Revival Mantle (RI-1)

Overall height 55"
Overall width (body) 68"
Overall width 73"


Federal Mantle (No Shelf) (CAN#3)
Simple task to make your own shelf/bargain priced.
Overall width 56-3/4"
Overall Height 46"
Leg width 7-1/2"
Firebox opening 41-1/2"W   x   33"H

Federal Mantle (CAN#1)
Overall width 68"
Overall Height 51"
Firebox Opening 48"W  X   38"H
Legs 9"

Kitchen & Bake Oven Door Mantle Combination

Eastern Massachusetts Circa 1840

Overall length: 84"
Body Width: 74-1/2"
Overall Height 58"
Bake Oven Door: 18-1/2" X 41-3/4"
Legs: 5-1/2"W
Firebox: 42"H x 43"W



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