Circa 1830 Connecticut Barn

SOLD Chestnut and oak 24’ x 35’ hand hewn English style barn frame. Posts measure 8” x 8” and tie-girts measure 8” x 10”. Siding nailing members are mortised into the posts. The sidewall of this barn is 14’ tall and is constructed with queen posts, roof purlins and a five-sided ridge beam.

There is an integral lean-to, also constructed of hand hewn timbers, which measures 12’ X 35’ rendering the overall measurements of this building to be 35’ x 36’. Wonderful loft spaces exist and are expandable.

This building is in a remarkable state of preservation, having been built on top of 20” + wide foundation stones in an embankment setting. This building is currently standing and available to be viewed. Dismantling is scheduled for March 2012. All foundation stones and a 36” x 12’ entry ramp stone are included.

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