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Woodstock CT silo moveSince 1982 Olde New England Salvage Co.--also known as--Lebanon Country Collection, has dismantled over 135 houses, barns and outbuildings in order to harvest complete re-buildable structures or for the very important component parts to restore or create 18th and 19th century environments. We have matched up beams, flooring and granite (stone) items to homeowners, architects, designers and landscapers working one-on-one for that personal requirement.

We are located at

185 Fitchville Road
PO Box 67
Bozrah, CT 06334

Contact Owner, Glenn Pianka at 860-885-9589 (cell) or email stonebeam@sbcglobal.net.

Shop hours by chance or appointment.

What's New?

"In the days before indoor plumbing, many necessary utility items were made using naturally available material...."  Read the rest of this article by Glenn Pianka about Early Sinks Made from Antique Stone on CTOldHouse.com .


Olde New England Salvage was mentioned as the supplier for both a summer beamed room frame and an 18th Century Keeping Room Fireplace for an addition to a home in New Jersey in Old House Interiors EARLY HOMES magazine.

See the Fall-Winter 2017 issue, pp.24-26.

We were honored as Lebanon Business of the Month for June 2013 by the Lebanon, CT Economic Development Commission. As it was printed in Lebanon Life in the June 2013 issue (p.21): "Olde New England Building & Salvage Company was chosen for the outstanding quality work, product knowledge, very satisfied customers, and excellent customer service."

Also of note is our 2012 Merit Award for Physical Preservation from the CT Trust for Historic Preservation for work done on the Eli Whitney Barn in Hamden, CT.

This barn, built in 1816 by Eli Whitney, is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been an active part of the Eli Whitney Museum since 1979.

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