Antique Stone

Antique stone material to compliment your project is a statement unto itself. Yes, all stone is millions of years old, but, hand cut, 100 to 300 year old, New England stone is primarily what we stock. We encourage keeping harvested material together with the dismantled building that it came from. However, circumstances have allowed us to separate them or acquire vintage stock from other circumstances.

Besides what is listed here, our two acre yard is filled with uniquities for your landscaping needs. Make arrangement to visit our yard in person----you'll be so glad you did !!!

Granite Feed Box/Trough/Planter

10” x 16” x 7” H 3” Deep



Granite Feed Box/Trough/Planter

11” x 20” x 8”H 3” Deep



Granite Small Scale Feed Box/Planter

8” x 14” x 6” H 3” Deep 



Granite Feed Box/Planter

9” x 20” x 9” H 4” deep, excellent condition



Circa 1875 Granite Six Step Set

See schematic for measurements.



Circa 1920 Soapstone Laundry Sink

Measures 24” x 48” x 16” H tapers from top to bottom Base of sink measures 17” x 48” Pair of original cast Iron legs included, no damage. Makes a nice potting or slop sink



19th Century Stone Mounted Boot Scraper

Wonderful eye appeal on this portable treasure Measures 13” x 10” x 10”H, weighs about 30 pounds Scraper is 6” Wide and 8” Wide overall, hand wrought.



Vintage Grinding Stone

Nice item for a garden setting. This can be laid flat or tilted as shown using the original hardware that is still in place. Measures 2-1/2” thick x 23” diameter


RARE Oval Granite Carriage Step

Most 19th Century carriage steps were rectangular. This perfect example measures 14” x 20” x 12” tall. It has been stored upside down for over 40 years, hence the muddy stain which will weather away in short order.



New York State Millstone

Authentic, hard to find size, 31” diameter x 6” thick Outstanding condition with original metal hardware in the 4-1/2” diameter hole.



19th Century Stone Grinding Wheel

Appears to be bluestone, measures 26"D x 2" thick with 2-1/2" hole


Rose Granite Bird Bath

Wonderful small scale, two part construction Measures 19" overall height with a 15" Diameter bowl x 3" thick


19th Century Granite Water/Feed Trough

Medium scale, measures 15" x 42" x 11"H Excellent condition and eye appeal Hard to find size !!!



19th Century Brownstone Feed/Water Trough

Small scale with wonderful eye appeal/patina Measures 10" x 11" x 5-1/2" with a 2-3/4" Depth



19th Century Unusual Form Water/Feed Trough

21" x 15" x 7", bowl 2-3/4" deep
Brownstone/sedimentary stone, probably Pennsylvania


18th Century Barn Ramp Stone

Eastern Connecticut origin 13' overall length x 5'-6" width x 5"-6" thickness Incredible smooth patina surface. Straight edge that went toward the barn measures 12' ( typical barn door width) Drain groove carved into right hand side at an early time (see photos)


Granite Fluted Column

9" x 21"H with 1-1/4" center hole Shown with optional cap stone (staddle stone look) Nice garden addition.


18th Century Granite Kitchen Firebox Jamb Stones

Matched pair, perfect condition. Measure 24"W x 48"H x 10" at thickest portion, 6" at splay portion. Whitewash will clean off easily. 


Circa 1840 Granite Fence Posts

Measure 8"-10" wide x 4"-6"thick x 6' Length Two bolt holes in each for wooden railings. Glastonbury, Connecticut origin


19th Century Small Scale Millstone

Kentucky origin. Measures 4" x 8-1/2" Diameter 2-1/2" Diameter center hole Original grooves still evident, edge is smooth probably used for tool sharpening.



18th Century Stone Spout Sink (RARE)

Measures 24" x 36" x 5-1/2" Spout measures 10" W x 7"L Perfect museum quality example!!


Antique Hand Tooled Granite Steps Set

Common length of 5', average 14-18" tread depth x 9" rise Originally in an embankment setting for an 1840's country house

$300 Each or $1,925.00/Set

Early 19th Century Large Scale Gate Post

Origin Middlebury, Connecticut Rounded top, measures 9' overall length 69" finished portion has slight taper of 10" x10" to 9"x 9" at top Base portion (buried) is 36"L x 12" x 16" Pintles are 3/4" pins and are 48" apart



Classic Granite Bird Bath

Vintage circa 1960 Two piece construction, the bottom being 8x8" tapering to 6"x6" Basin measures 6" x 18" x 2-1/2" deep Overall height is 24"



18th Century Granite Bottom Step

This stone can work well with several of the larger entry steps to achieve a two step set Measures 18" x 59" x 8"



18th Century Entry Step -CTBY#2

Greatest natural step/ period look
Measures 40" x 50" x 9"



18th Century Entry Step -CTBY#1

37" x 52" x 8" Nice worn patina/ eye appeal


18th Century Natural Step Stone

Measures 92"L x 30"W x 9" thick Great foot worn surface


19th Century Granite Entry Step

Canterbury, Connecticut origin 
Measures 36" x 46" x 7-1/2" 


Early New England Walkway and Splash Stones

Circa 1785 Canterbury, Connecticut 29 pieces total 145 square feet but will cover up to 180 square feet with spacing. Wonderful aged/patina surface, handled carefully to avoid scratches



18th Century Brownstone Sink

Exceptional large size measures 26-1/2" x 43-1/2" x 8" Nice crisp interior and exterior. Basin area is pitched to the drain. Eastern Connecticut origin



Obelisk Style Hitching Post

Granite, Hebron, Connecticut 19th Century 8"x 8" tapering to 7"x 6" 52" overall length, finished portion is 32"


Granite Square Style Hitching Post

Hebron, Connecticut 19th Century 8" x 8" x 69" overall length Finished portion is 36" L



Unique Double Ring Hitching Post

Granite with nice smooth patina Glastonbury, Connecticut origin, 19th Century 6" x 15" x 82"



Large Scale Animal Tether

From an Eastern Connecticut farmstead Measures generally 20" x 28" x 9" thick Weighs about 150 pounds


Block Granite Hitching Stone

Unique form formerly at the roadside in Norwich, Connecticut 19th Century, measures 7" x 9" x 12"H



Small Scale Tether Stone

Natural stone measures 9" x 13" x 4" thick Weighs about 20 pounds



18th Century Granite Mortar

Canterbury, Connecticut origin General measurements are 14" x 14" x 10"H Nice small smooth bowl



Granite Block Hitching Stone

Hebron, Connecticut 19th Century 10" x 23" x 12"H weighs about 140 pounds Nice presence and eye appeal



19th Century Granite Gateway Post-Large Scale

Southbridge, Massachusetts origin Measures 11' length X 12" X 22" and tapers to a gentle point Would pair up to two other large scale fence/gate posts also listed Great weathering and eye appeal !!


19th Century Granite Large Scale Post or ?...

13' Length X 20" X 24" irregular 
Previously was an entrance stone gate post to a large field 
Could be set up for bench/seating 
Great weathering and eye appeal 


Circa 1840 Granite Lintel Stones

These stones are from Eastern Connecticut. The eight stones measure: 6'-6", 6'-11", 8'-8", 7'-10", 10'-0", 5'-6", 7'-11" and 6'-0" = 60 linear feet. The stones are 16"-20" in width X 7"-8" thickness.



RARE 19th Century Wheelwrights/Blacksmiths Jig Stone

Massachusetts origin, concave surface to assemble wagon wheels. I owned one of these over 5 years ago but gave only seen them in museum settings. Measures 6'-10" diameter x 16" thick with a 14" center hole.


19th Century Small Scale Well Cover

Great size for many applications having a nice flat top surface Generally measures 36" x 42" x 4" thick with a 19" hole Stone has an old season crack


Miscellaneous 18th Century Step Stones

4-1/2'-5' x 23"-36"W x 6-8" thicknesses



18th Century Granite Entry Step

Eastern Connecticut origin measures 38" x 60" x 8" Wonderful aged appearance.



Circa 1780 Summer Kitchen Hearth

Hebron, Connecticut measures 10'-3" L x 33" W x 12" thick


19th Century Fireplace Granite Blocks

Two pallets of Blocks which generally measure 12"-16" L x 8" x 6" Sold as one lot only. Ideal for creating early firebox to your specifications.


18th Century Granite Landing Stone

From an early Eastern Connecticut house site Large Scale: Generally measures 69" x 72" x 4"-5" thick Long edge is 84"



19th Century Granite Roller

Impeccable example with hand wrought handle. Tremendous garden decor !!! Roller measures 18" W x 16" D Overall length is 46"


Granite Post/Step

Wonderful patina, measures 14"W x 80" L x 6" thick



19th Century Granite Hearth or Step

95" L x 27"W x 7"-8" thick


18th Century Large Kitchen Lintel

Measures 7'-4" L x 24"W x 8" thick Chamfered as it should be. Great patina.


19th Century Matching Granite Posts

Medium Scale, 8" x 13"and 15" x 6' Length each Wonderful age/ patina and eye appeal.


19th Century Large Scale Gate Post

10'-3" Length x 24" W x 10" thick. Rare offering/availability. 


Brownstone and Limestone Chimney Thimbles

19th Century artifacts from Canadian house sites. These went through the wall of the dwelling houses to insulate against fire/ heat. Generally measure 12" x 14" x 12" H



Unique 19th Century Barn Ramp Stone

10' L x 10" thickness. Each end of the triangle is 10" wide with the center point being 27" wide.


19th Century Brownstone Feed/Water Trough

Some rim loss but still very presentable. Measures 16" x 16" x 12"H, 8" bowl depth, with a drain hole.



Carriage Wheel Bumper Stone/Bollard

Chamfered edges to "kick" over a wheel if it got too close. 19th Century. Granite finely finished and detailed. 49" overall , the finished portion being 15" x 15"


19th Century Granite Millstone

Measures 46" diameter by a full 16" thick with an 8" center hole. Excellent stout appearance and excellent eye appeal with light lichen cover.



Victorian High Style Granite Hitching Post

Hard to find example. Overall length is 68" Finished portion is 44"H x Eight sided tapered profile with pyramid top. Excellent condition, no chips.



19th Century Granite Well Cap

Woodstock, Connecticut origin
Measures generally 57" x 67" with 16" diameter hole
Stone averages 5-6" thick



Circa 1880 Large Scale Granite Foundation Stones

Common width is 42" , lengths from 48" to 96" 
Would make a nice sidewalk or step stone stock

$150/Linear Foot

Circa 1880 Granite Landing (Large Scale)

8-8" L x 42"W x 10" Has a chamfered edge but can be reversed to reveal natural edge (see photos) This is one of three available

$1,500 Choice

C1875 Granite Step (Hearth)

C1875 Granite Step (Hearth)


Circa 1870 Brownstone Chimney Cap

26" x 30" x 5" Hole measures 10" x 14" Nice garden feature?? Planter??


Vintage Granite Block/Bench Stone

Four matching each measures 20"W x 24"H x 5' L 
All have one "rolled" lead edge for eye appeal/comfort 

$850 each

Vintage Granite Cube/Bench Stone

21" x 18"H x 50"L 
Dark grey Granite 


19th Century Granite Well Cap

Measures 4'-4" x 5' x 9" thick 
19" hole is centered on this stout/ solid looking example


Vintage Brownstone Slab

42" x 48" x 8" with lichen covering 


Vintage Granite Large Scale Posts

Single source/matching set, will separate 
Six available, measure 10" x 10" x 84' (7 feet)


Vintage Granite Large Scale Post

10" x 13" x 86", holes drilled through at 9" and 36" from top Holes are 1-1/2" diameter


Vintage Brownstone Large Scale Blocks

Sizes similar to 6' L x 24" x 16" and 5' x 20" x 10" Six available


Vintage Brownstone Cube/Blocks

14" x 14" x 16" average size 

Choice $35.00 each

Vintage Brownstone Medium Scale Blocks

36" to 48" lengths x 8" x 10" and 10" x 10" average 

Choice $25/LFT

Circa 1870 Brownstone Column Capital

(Shown upside down) but attractive in this position for many uses 
Some decorative loss- see photos 
Base measures 24" x 24", round portion measures 16" across, 26" height


Vintage Brownstone Decorative Elements

Base is 10-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 5" thick Forward projection is 14" overall

$95.00 each

Circa 1870 Brownstone Architectural Tapered Column

"Paneled" sides, with minor chips with appropriate vintage appeal Base measures 14" x 14" tapers to 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" at top x 75" overall length


Circa 1800 Granite Foundation Top Stones

Eastern Connecticut origin, 100 linear feet available Top edges are perfectly straight, lower edges vary as shown 12"-16" width x 5"-8" thicknesses

Entire lot $2,500/Select pieces $30/LFT

Circa 1840 Side Entry Granite Two Step Set

Massachusetts origin, cape style dwelling Top step 63" L x 20"W x 8" rise Bottom Step 63" x 15" x 7" rise Top Step under-margined to fit flush/ tight to bottom Step Has two holes @ 6" apart which had a boot scrape


Early 19th Century Granite Well Cover

Purchased from an old tavern site in Plainfield, Connecticut about 30 years ago Currently situated around a well pipe to disguise same. Measures 48" x 45" x 9" with a 20" diameter hole. Outstanding eye appeal !!


Classic Bird Bath

About 25 years old from Sterling, Connecticut Bowl measures 18" diameter x 5" H Base and bowl together is 26" H Top and base will separate


Sedimentary Stone Trough

From Potsdam, New York is this native stone trough Measures 61"L x 16"W x 9"H


Sandstone Pulp Wheel

Measures 40" diameter x 23" From upstate New York this was used to mash down pulp wood in the paper making process.


Vintage Concrete Planter

Aged, wonderful eye appeal Measures 13" x 7" x 6" H


Pennsylvania Brownstone Slab #2

From a 19th century barn foundation Measures 24" x 67" x 5" Match to other listing, whitewashed but will easily clean


Pennsylvania Brownstone Slab

From a 19th century barn foundation Measures 36" x 80" x 5" Has whitewashed surface which will easily clean


19th Century Schist Granite Well Cover

Great for patio setting due to it's perfectly smooth surface. Measures 47" x 68" x 3-1/2" with a 22" hole--great patina !!


Crude Granite Country Post

77" x 9" x 9"


Granite Step-19th Century

30" x 53" x 9"


Matched Granite Landing PAIR

Each measure 40" x 42" x 4"-5" thick Nice aged surface

$900.00 Pair OR $500.00/each

19th Century Granite Landing

4' x 5' x 8" Wonderful eye appeal/patina


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Bluestone Well Cover



Granite Step Stone

78" x 24"W x 9"


Granite Bake Oven Lintel

19th century, Hebron, Connecticut 26"L x 10" x 4"


Brownstone Base/Pedestal Stone #2

13" x 13" x 7" with 8" x 8" flat top/landing Less defined chamfering than other listing.


Brownstone Chamfered Base/Pedestal

15" x 15" x 7", 10" x 10" landing/top surface Nice crisp definition.


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Early 19th Century Step Stone

Massachusetts origin measures 24" x 51" x 8" Nice hand-chiseled surface.


Early 19th Century Fence Post

67" overall length x36" above grade 6" x 11" post section with holes at 5" and 30" from top


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19th Century Granite Entry Step

New Hampshire, measures 20” x 40” x 7” with a “rolled” front edge Four holes from a previous use—may have been boot scrapers. “Shadow” from a wood block will acid wash out


19th Century Granite Step

Glastonbury, Connecticut 30”W x 66”L x 9” Hand chiseled surface Minor wear from a front entry way.


Antique Granite Post/ Boundary Marker

Circa 1885-Rhode Island 62” overall length with 32” finished (above grade) 12” x 12” finished portion-nice flat top


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Circa 1820 Granite Gate Post

Pyramid/ hip top hand chiseled with a 5" peak height. Post is "beefy" at 9" x 18" and 8' overall length. Finished portion is 5' above grade. Has two 1-1/2" holes at 8" and 46" from the top. Wonderful early country look.


Granite Post

This stone post was created by drilling and splitting a 19th century foundation stone. It measures 75”L.



Large Scale Tapered Granite Hitching Stones

Matching pair of hitching stones. 48” overall length. Measure 8”x17” at the base tapering to 7”x 8” at the tip. Hand forged hitching rings measure 2-1/2” diameter. Has one finished face so they could be oriented by choice.

$1350.00 Pair OR $750.00 choice

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Vintage Granite Fence Post

Single post with 1” holes at 7-1/2” and 35” from the top 9” x 9” x 61”L


Granite Post-Medium Scale

7” x 6“ x 57-1/2”L


Granite Fence Post

Shorter mate to circa 1840 fence post that is 8’-8” L (listed on this site). This one is 56” L x 7” x 8” with 5/8” x 5”L pin/rod at the top and two lower irons which held a wooden fence lower rail.


Country Granite Post

79” x 9” x 9”


Crude Granite Country Post

95”L x 8” x 12” tapering to 9” x 8” at the top


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Foot Stone or Sole Stone

From a collection of naturally occurring stones is this foot-shaped curiosity. Measures 10”L x 4-1/2”W x 1-3/4”. Front and back views shown in photos. UNIQUE gift for that shoe store owner or “lead foot “ that you know !!! Nice color and surface.


Teardrop or Pendant Stone

This is a natural find. Beautiful symmetry and texture. Measures 9-1/4”L x 4-1/4”W x 1” thick. Front and back views shown.


"Pizza Stone”- All Natural

Measures 8-1/2” L x 6”W x 1-1/2” thick This is an all natural find. Has a “crust”. Shown with different backgrounds (front and back) for your scrutiny. UNIQUE !!!


Circa 1850 Vermont Bluestone Fence Posts

Matched pair measure 66”L x 5” x 6” each. Holes and some paint evidence of a wooden fence application. Nice slender appearance.


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Circa 1830 Wide Granite Foundation Stone

This exceptional quality hand chiseled foundation stone set generally measure 20” wide x 7”-8” thickness which would also render them usable for step stone application too.

$7,500 entire lot or Choice/select pieces $60/linear foot

Arts and Crafts/Gothic/Eastlake Style Granite Column Capitals (6)

New London, Connecticut origin- salvaged in the 1960's Six matching pieces for column maximum size 16" x 18" Capitals are 13" tall


Rose Granite Lintel (L)

19th century measures 49" L x 12" Face x 8" thick at left and 6" at right Excellent condition, beefy.


Early 18th Century Granite Lintel (L)

57"L x 16" face x 8" thick Crude/early appearance because it is !!


Granite Threshold Stones

These were in the doorways of most 19th century city buildings whether they were made of brick or stone. We have 12 of these in varying sizes most in the 4'-6"L x 13"W x 10" Thick range

Choice $175.00 each
Two larger matching measure 56"L x 19"W x 8" thick Choice $250.00 each

Circa 1830 Granite Parlor Fire Box Set (L)*

Two solid splayed side "cheek" stones each measure 32-1/2" H X 16" deep x 6" thick Matching lintel measures 41-1/2"L x 12" Face x 5" thick *Hearthstone not included but some are listed on this site


Vintage Limestone Niches

Two matching sets from a public building in Maine Four easy handling sections in very good + condition Overall assembled height 50" x 26" Width x 11" Deep Base piece/section is 32" overall width

$1100.00/pair or $600.00/choice

19th Century Granite Step Set

Five steps each 6'-6"L x 8" rise x 10" tread One step is broken. Green paint has weathered and should readily remove with stripper.

Each $250.00 or $1,000.00/set

Crude Country Granite Post

19th century hand cut measures 8"x 8" x 6'L Two holes partially drilled in give it an ancient look



1/2(+) Millstone Fragment

New England grist mill site origin Overall measures 39" x 21" x 10" thick Hole is 8" diameter with 4-way drive key Step or garden accent use would be appropriate.


1/4 Millstone Fragment

New England origin, found on an old grist mill site Overall 40" x 21" x 12" thick Could be used as a step or garden accent feature Rose Granite


Granite Capping or Step Stock

We have hundreds of linear feet of this circa 1830-1850 vintage granite foundation stone. They average 16-18" in width and 7"-8" in thickness. Lengths from 2' to 10'.

Select $35.00/linear foot

Contemporary Granite Fence Line

Fourteen (14) posts which measure 8" x 8" x 8' (96") L Twenty seven (27) 3" x 6" x 6' (72") L horizontal "rails" This assembled fence line would install to a length of 78 linear feet

$3500/set (Will not separate)

Vintage Cement Downspout Diverter #1

10" x 35"L x 3" Nice used/worn look



Vintage Cement Downspout Diverter #2

Tapered design 24"L tapering from 8" to 12" x 3" thick Nice used/worn look



Contemporary Granite Pavers

Commercially produced to uniform thickness of 1" 48 pieces available each measures 24" x 24" for a 192 SFT coverage set tightly together Flamed/rough surface on one side and polished smooth on the other (your choice).



Contemporary Granite Steps

1) 48-1/2" x 13" x 6" $150
2) 53-1/2" x 12" x 6" $150
3) 54-1/2" x 12" x 6" $150
4) 59-1/2" x 15" x 7" $200

Available for purchase separately or all four for $550.00


Large Scale Pair Granite Step Slabs

Slightly irregular but tasteful shape for stepping stones Generally measure 4' x 5' overall x 5"-6" thick Tan/light brown coloration

$425.00 Pair


Short Antique Granite Obelisk Posts

Set of 8 matching with an overall length between 45" and 52" and having 24" finished above grade. No taper to posts which measure 8" x 8" to a pyramid top.

Choice $300.00 each OR $2,750.00/Set

Granite Cube/Lintel Blocks

Crisp surfaces circa 1920. Sixteen pieces total13 of the blocks are 10" x 12" (lengths listed): 40", 46", 40", 46", 43", 43", 46", 46", 29", 40", 44", 44", 40"3 of the blocks are 12" x 12" x 46", 29" and 46"

Entire 60 LFT $2,400.00 OR $200.00 each select

LONG LENGTH Rose Granite Steps

Originally on the Odd Fellows home in Groton, Connecticut, taken down for bridge construction in the 1960's. THREE MATCHING 11'-2" to 11'-4" length steps each having a 12" tread and 8" rise.



Architectural Granite Step Set-12' Base Width

Rose granite with 8" rise steps. The base stone is 12' length with curlicue ends which probably supported columns at one time. The base stone is over 15" thick to allow for starter height adjustment.



Vintage Water and Weather Worn Red Bricks 
Set of three as shown available for use in any decorative setting.
These came from a local garden along with some other unique small scale stones.
Set of three : $25.00
Shipping and handling available USPS Medium Flat Rate box for $16.50

Antique Brownstone Base Stone 
Superb quality item measures 18"  x 18"  x  6"Thick chamfered on two edges for an inside corner or other imaginative application.

Antique Brownstone Three Sided Decorative Elements (Pair)
30"L   x  16" W   x 5-1/2" thick
Nicely hand tooled for an imaginative adaptive re-use

Antique Brownstone Cap or Pedestal Bases (Matching Pair) 
Your imagination for the re-use of these two matching architectural elements:
11"Wide   x   35"L   x   6"  tapers to 3" over 14" of the 35"L  (See photos)
Nice crisp quality.
$245.00 Pair

Antique Granite Post With Cast Iron Feeder Box 
Granite post measures 9"  x 10" x 6'-4" length
Feeder box is cast iron and measures 7" x 10" x 5" deep
Box is about 14" from top of post
A wonderful garden item for birds or planting
(The post on the left is sold)

19th Century Granite Foundation Stone Set 
Southeastern Connecticut origin
36 pieces totaling 130 linear feet.  3'-4' average length, some 6' and 8' lengths
Average width 13-15" (Face) x 8-10" thickness
Select pieces $40/linear foot or $30/linear foot for entire lot

19th Century Granite Carriage Step
Most probably from an urban setting is this fine example of a curbside carriage step used to alight or descend from a horse drawn carriage or even an early automobile.
Front face has margined decoration-see photos
Measures 21" deep  x  40" length  x 11-1/2" height

18th Century Granite Bedroom Chamber Lintel 
45"L   x   12" face  x 5" thick
Nicely chamfered as it should be. This was set on a brick firebox.


Antique Limestone Window Sill 
(Name/Address Stone)

The original use of this stone was as a windowsill in a stone gristmill. Stood upright, as in the photos, it would make a great garden accent, or name/address stone for your country estate.
$250.00 each

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Antique Rose Granite Block Wall/Veneer Stock 
Circa 1875 hand cut and tooled
Various face sizes for ashlar lay-up
Generally 6-7" thick, very clean
Five (5)+ ton, sold as one lot only

Vintage Rose Granite Capstones 
Ten pieces each 15" wide X 4" thick
Bottoms are perfectly flat for block or brick wall capping
Can also be used at ground level for edging
Lengths are: 46,36,42,36,42,31,29,37,41 and 47"

Vintage Limestone Mantle (Bench?) Stone 
86" overall length originally- piece is broken-see photos. 15" W    X   4" thick with molded bullnose edge treatment. Can be reused as a bench or other decorative use.

Vintage Granite Walkway Stones
Five pieces totaling 12.75 linear feet, circa 1910
Common width is 30" and all are 4"-5" thick
Nice worn surface with crisp edges
Pieces measure: 30", 30", 27.5", 27.5" and 38"
$950.00/ Lot

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18th Century Granite Hearthstone
Circa 1780 measures 75"L  X  24"W  X 7" Thick

18th Century Granite Hearthstone
Circa 1780 measures 65-1/2" L  X  24" W  X  6" Thick



Antique Bluestone Well Cover
49" x  50" x  3"-3-1/2"
16" diameter hole rimmed to accept 18" diameter cover

Matching Pair Granite Bollard Style Hitching Stones
These are from a 40 year collection originally located in Norwich, Connecticut at the street on the end of a sidewalk. Nice small size for garden accent or again
in a sidewalk setting. The finished portion would be 9" above gradeOne stone is 30" long and the other is 34" long . Both "bases" are generally 9" X  9"

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Early 19th Century Limestone Sink (New York) 
46-1/2" L   X  24" W   X 6-1/2" Thick

Granite (Schist) Well Cover
49"  X  54"  X  20" Hole  (generally 4" thick)


18th Century Brick
Pallet containing 230 brick with the desirable 1-3/4" thickness. Lengths vary from 6-1/2" to 8".   More available--INQUIRE      $1.50 each

Building Date Stone 1891 Hill & Macomber

90" overall length x 30" at center and 22" at each side. Stone is in excellent condition approx. 10" thick

Granite Post Capitals

Overall measurements are 21" x 21" x 8" tall base tapers to fit atop 16" x 16" columns. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Very low pitched pyramid tops.


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